Kurt: You are fierce, Rachel. Your ambition does push ups while you sleep. Nobody wants this more than you. Nobody. And you’re not giving up on this ‘cause I’m not gonna let you.

I started this photoset after reading this post, and I finished it today after a discussion with someone about how brilliant and completely original Rachel Berry’s character is, especially if compared to any other lead female character in any tvshow for teenagers now on television. I wish we’ll see more of this Rachel in the next episodes. I’m not gonna lose any time to explain why marrying Finn would be a terrible mistake, because anyone who cares even a little bit about this character should already know that…regardless any pairing preference.

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Glee meme | one quote

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Quinn: I can’t do this anymore.
Rachel: Why?
Quinn: Do you realize this is making me a cheater? 

Rachel: It’s not over between us.
Quinn: Yes, it is! 

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I was very much like Rachel when I was in high school. I so appreciate her confidence, who she is and what she wants. I think that it’s so possible in high school for kids to get caught up in what people think is cool, and what I love about Rachel is that she knows what she wants, and she’s sticking with that

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