Cosima/Delphine | Stars 

This show is my new obsession, so are these two.

Julie/Victor - Les Revenants

Song: Hungry face - Mogwai
Watch in 480p! (I also put english subtitles and it took me forever)

Je voudrais ecrire cette description en français mais je ne suis pas capable! haha so, everyone needs to watch this tv show, it doesn’t matter if you don’t like french (how could you not). this video is about one of my favorite relationships in the show, and i know the video is kinda shitty, but i’m happy i’ve finally started to vid again. enjoy it!

I’m pretty disappointed about this, and about the quality. So please watch in 480p!
Anyway, the point of this video is that both Jessa and Marnie are pressed lemons and Jessa misunderstood Katherine’s suggestion. #myheadcanon
Enjoy the vid!

I’ve got a mad little crush on you | Nayanna

This video is about my two favourite people from the glee cast and their awesome relationship. I don’t have too much to say, just enjoy the video and tell me what do you think! :)

I dedicate this to Jay (accionayanna). And if it weren’t for her, this video wouldn’t be here. Thank you so much!
I also thank all the amazing tumblr people who unintentionally helped me a lot with the pics and the videos from tour. I can’t remember all the blogs I took the pics from, so if you want to be credited just comment this video.

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What happened to us? | Q&S
Santana and Quinn were dating and happly (and gayly) in love before Quinn cheated on Santana with Finn. Doesn’t matter how sorry Quinn is, Santana can’t get over it and can’t forgive her for what she did. Brittany is there helping Santana in this harsh time and the two at one point start dating. Quinn has to deal with the pain of seeing them together in school everyday, but Santana is not as happy as she might seem: forgetting Quinn is harder than she thought it would have been

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I can’t believe this is happening | SL
I really want to write something good in this description, but I can’t. Too many feelings.
I’ve just one thing to say: give all the awards to Naya Rivera.
"Epic character played by an epic person"

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Animal | Glee
New video, new coloring. yey! I should apologize for all the B. and S. scenes I put in, but I couldn’t help myself. I don’t ship all the couples that are in this video and if you’re asking why I put them in the answer is I don’t know. Enjoy the video. 

Preview| Animal - Glee
First of all: I don’t know if I will ever finish this video, so I’m just gonna upload this preview here (Not on youtube, or I’ll risk a new strike meh). I apologize for the Finchel scenes (i don’t ship them at all), but the lyrics was ok for them. Ok enough said enjoy the preview. 
Btw I don’t know what happened at the end LOL 

'Everyone thinks she's a bad person, but she's not!'  
A Santana and Brittana fan vid. Enjoy it! :)

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